New South Wales: Department of Justice

NSW: Department of Justice, department of the New South Wales Government, is responsible for the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system of courts, tribunals, laws and other mechanisms that further the principles of justice in New South Wales.


Key Project Objectives:

  • Analyze & Fix & Validate the Active Directory
    • Objects and attributes
    • FIM and Azure AD Connect
  • Validate the mail routing and change the DNS records
    • Validation of the mail routing Domino/Exchange On-Premise/Office365
    • DNS Change (MX, SPF, CNAME)
  • Analyze and update the SharePoint structure to apply the best practice
    • Creation of the
    • Redaction of the Support Level 3 articles
    • Demonstration of SharePoint possibilities
  • Working, in collaboration with different teams, on the functional process
    • Creation / Changing / Decommissioning of Office 365 objects
    • Best practice in the Office 365 administration
    • Security with EOP (Exchange Online Protection)

The project team consisted of 6 members: a project directory, a project architect and four engineers/architects.

I entered this project after a fast migration, therefore I had to understand, to fix, to solidify and validate the production. After that I had worked on the functional administration level in order to leave the project with a client at 100% operational!

The second part was to “implement” the Office 365 solutions, change management, solution adoption, presentation of the different possibilities provide by Office 365: SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Skype, Planner, etc…



  • The project architect was stacked on the others department migrations, task was to lead my side and report the different step of the validation.
  • PowerShell script edition to audition, validation of the existing and for bulk creation.
  • Work in a Government environment.
  • Bridge the communication between different political entities, technically and functionally.
  • Change management.

Technical environment:

  • Office 365, Active Directory & AADSync/Azure AD Connect
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • IBM Domino 8.5 & Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams, Power Bi, Yammer, Planner, etc…
  • PowerShell