Ruralco is an Australian diversified agricultural company, which provides real estate, insurance, auctioneer services, agricultural equipment and other services to the Australian rural community. It has expanded via a series of mergers into a billion-dollar company.


Key Project Objectives:

  • Active Directory’s Objects audit (Users, Contacts, Security Groups, etc.).
  • Migrate ~1.500 users from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft Office 365.
  • MigrationWiz and PowerShell were key migration tools.
  • Integration of HR’s software and Active Directory via PowerShell scripting.
  • Train the level 2 & 3 support / BAU team.

The project team consisted of 3 members: a project manager, a project architect, and a global architect. Christophe entered this project after a first failed attempt, therefore, he had to reverse engineer to solidify and validate the migration process.



  • Clean up the obsolete users and computer accounts from Active Directory and validate all the prerequisites to a clean sync with Azure AD.
  • After a summary audit, he had identified two warning points.
  • With the global architect we scope the impact and fix it (Object fields not compliant, users or fields’ information duplicated).
  • Keep the Active Directory up-to-date with the Domino directory.
  • Christophe edited a PowerShell script to get the Domino information, to make the delta with Active Directory and to apply the modification (all modifications were logged and sent to the administration team).
  • Keep the users’ delegations from Domino.
  • Two points are important for this step, the change management, and the technical/cost possibility. Because Lotus Notes and Exchange don’t offer the same functionality.

Technical environment:

  • Office 365, Active Directory & AADSync, PowerShell
  • IBM Domino 8.5 & Lotus Notes
  • MigrationWiz