Active Directory

I work with the Microsoft technology, so I can’t increase my level without Active Directory.

During all my projects, I’ve been enhancing the following skills:

  • Schema extension
  • Active Directory auditing
  • Data extraction by PowerShell
  • Data management by PowerShell
  • Attributes updating by PowerShell
  • Etc

I have no difficulty working with Active Directory..




Since Exchange 2010, I use PowerShell to automatically configure Exchange Server and deploy this Servers in the same time. And I continue to improve my skills with Office 365 projects.

  • Migration Script Edition via PowerShell
  • Implementation of custom administration tool run in PowerShell for SAP IDM
  • Manage & Process Active Directory items.
  • Administration of Office 365 (advanced configuration can be updated only in PowerShell)
  • Clients management access by custom script.